Our Offering.

Our work pushes businesses, brands, and people forward.

We create pioneering products and experiences, often in environments of technological and organisational complexity. We are in the business of design: creating category leading design & execution, and in the design of business: creating new value through transformation of the old.

Our Capabilities

High-quality, high-impact design and innovation.

We are a human-centric, design focused, and impact orientated design and innovation studio. We work across multiple industries helping our clients to reimagine, redesign, redefine, and revolutionise.

We use complimentary disciplines to solve our clients’ business challenges:

  • Design & Innovation Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Service Design
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  • Product
  • Vision
  • Ventures
  • Futures
Different approaches for different outcomes.

Our core offering revolves around experience design - a holistic approach that includes strategy, branding, UX, UI and product design. We design connected user experiences that address evolving multi-channel, multi-touchpoint ecosystems.

Our focus is on delivering live platforms through a rigorous process that is driven by insight, craft, validation and implementation. Our design services are broad, but our approach is defined by attention to exceptional quality and business impact.

We can help you to:

  • Bring a new or existing product to market rapidly
  • Conduct user research fundamental to success
  • Create a solid, differentiated and foundational design system
  • Align your business goals and KPIs with design and execution
  • Bring world-class design and differentiation to your experience
Different approaches for different outcomes.

When you need to establish a new direction for your company, product or service transformation we begin with understanding strategic business objectives and differentiation.

Our approach to defining your new vision work will always have a bias towards action, understanding culture, and ensuring feasibility, viability, and desirability. We don’t stop at theory, presentations or blueprints. We create concepts and make visions tangible through physical and digital experience design, giving you confidence and clarity to de-risk big technology spend for your transformation.

We can help you to:

  • Create north-star tangible visions for transformations
  • Bringing future experiences & user journeys to life
  • Prototyping future products & experiences
  • Creating future roadmaps and ecosystems
  • Developing future facing brands
Different approaches for different outcomes.

We work in a variety of ways to help our partners setup for success. This might mean working on a project basis or using progressive partnership and equity-based models. We can become either a part of, or an extension of, your team.

Regardless of the model we use to partner with you, the spirit and philosophy of our studio is deeply rooted in extremely tight partnership and integration to co-create with you.

We can help you to:

  • Accelerate your brand, pitch, and ‘day one’ launch materials
  • Kick-start your internal design function from day one
  • Co-create and define a strategic product roadmap
  • Bring customer credibility and creative confidence to your new venture
  • Sprint to an MVP platform that can be launched, tested, and iterated
Different approaches for different outcomes.

At ZeroSixty we look over the horizon to create what's next. To look beyond requires a strategic innovation and design process including research, semiotics, and foresight.

This process of reading today’s signals coupled with breaking rules, avoiding conventional thought, and connecting radical thinking with breakthrough design has proven valuable to many of our clients. When used thoughtfully, they can provide both accelerated outcomes and novel innovation platforms to explore.

We can help you to:

  • Identify new innovation arenas to explore
  • Design & build PoC prototypes and demonstrations
  • Formal testing of PoCs across geographies to validate concepts
  • Establish, run, and operate future-facing R&D innovation co-labs
  • Setup, facilitate and run strategic experience design workshops

Our Approach.

We continuously adapt our approach based on the specific needs of our clients but these principles define how we always operate.