We're unlike any agency you've worked with before. Because we aren't one.


ZeroSixty is a design and innovation studio known for delivering high-impact, high-quality experiences.

We partner with founders, c-suite execs, innovation and marketing leaders who want to bring category leading products and experiences to market.

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ZeroSixty is your lean innovation, design, and product partner. We create experiences that people love, have impact in the real world, and move the bottom line.

Simply put, our work pushes businesses, brands, and people forward.
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ZeroSixty is led by award-winning designers who recognise that what businesses need from traditional agencies and large consultancies has changed. We are an adaptive, no-nonsense, award winning, twenty-strong global team of some of the most sought after designers.

Working with ZeroSixty means you deal direct. No off-shoring to unqualified teams, no hard-sell, and an absolute focus on your business results.
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We believe high-quality experience design has the power to create new categories, transform lives and enrich futures.

In a world where customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy are paramount, investing in design generates new value, new markets, and a new future for our clients.

With a focus on business results and experiences that have impact in the real world, our capabilities span multiple disciplines to bring your visions to market.

  • Design & Innovation Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Service Design

  • Fast.
  • Real.
  • Lean.
  • Smart.

Speed makes everything possible.

We believe pace creates space. Rapid iteration creates more time for conceptual thinking and honing finer details. When helping take your brand, product from nothing to something we understand the power of first mover advantage.

Prototypes win arguments.

We believe in making things concrete. Whenever we can, we make things tangible to test and learn. Our bias is toward building or approximating products and services so they can be experienced, understood, tested and validated as early as possible in the process.

Small beats big.

We believe in rightsizing design teams to have an outsized impact. We know small teams move faster, have fewer communication issues, feel more empowered, cost our clients less, and do better work.

We are not artists.

We believe design is a method of creative problem solving. But we also approach our work like scientists - using data to inform and refine our work. We know that the right type of research can radically transform products.


Our leadership team comes with experience leading some of the world’s most influential agencies.

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Thomas Moeller
Founder & Chief Design Officer

Thomas is an internationally recognized design leader, leading one of Fast Company's '7 Companies That are Changing the World' & ‘30 Most Important Design Companies’. For over two decades, Thomas has led the design of integrated services, products and platforms for many of the world’s best-known brands.

Thomas has worked internationally at studios such as fuseproject, Native and SapientNitro for the last 20+ years, leading product design teams on many new, innovative, connected product platforms and is passionate about the responsibility of designs’ role in improving people’s lives, creating value, meaning, and measurable impact.

Thomas on Linkedin

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Kalpesh Rathod
Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Kalpesh is a design leader with 20 years of experience ranging from startups, big four consulting, technology companies, product design agencies, and innovation firms. He has a passion for novel interaction design, high-quality execution, and end-user impact.

Kalpesh is well regarded in the design and UX community, having worked in advertising and creative agencies in London and leading high-performing teams across the European region. Along with experience from Deloitte, IBM, SapientNitro, and Native most recently Kalpesh was an MD of the Designit London Studio.

Kalpesh on Linkedin