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Innovating across industries and discplines.

We look at end-to-end holistic ecosystems and complex interactive experiences. At every point we approach our work through the lens of designing for everyday value & long term impact.

Our capabilities blur boundaries & challenge disciplines.

Our ability to work across multiple disciplines and sectors is key to our exceptional results. We bridge thinking and making, understanding the why with the ability to define the how.

  • Design & Innovation Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Service Design



WIth a long history of designing for commercial airlines and aerospace companies we’ve delivered everything from new brands, service experiences and category leading in-flight entertainment products.

  • In-flight entertainment
  • New service experiences
  • Physical experience design
  • Air mobility venture design
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Automotive, Transport & Mobility

From autonomous vehicle design, new mobility platforms, to in-car HMIs - we’ve delivered award-winning work for the world’s largest OEMs to startup and industry disruptors.

  • Autonomy and next-generation concepts
  • In-car interfaces and HMI
  • Companion apps and digital products
  • Interactive exhibits and configurators
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Artificial Intelligence

We’ve helped launch new AI-powered platforms, digital products, and experiences that are ready for the coming wave.

  • AI-powered digital platforms
  • AI-based consumer products & experiences
  • AI Creator Communities
  • AI-driven innovation and ventures
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Connected Products

From net-new IOT products to connected object ecosystems for both consumers and businesses, we bring a multidisciplinary skillset across digital, physical, and creative technology.

  • Connected products (physical & digital)
  • IOT product ecosystem design
  • Instrumented consumer products
  • Disruptive product innovation
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Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality

We’ve launched new prop-tech brands and platforms to help create innovation in established sectors. We've helped tourist destinations gain exposure and traction in the travel industry and helped airline operators with travel inspiration and booking experiences.

  • Prop-tech brand and product design
  • Business model innovation
  • Physical and service experience design
  • AR / VR powered experiences
  • Digital configurators & walkthrough experiences
  • Travel & Tourism design
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Social Media & Community

From new ways of sharing, creating and developing community, we work for business and brands that want to move people forward.

  • New social products and platforms
  • Employee experience innovation
  • New brand and product innovation
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Spatial AR/VR Experiences

The future of interaction will be spatial. We’re partnering with businesses and brands that are experimenting and innovating in this brave new world.

  • AR & VR enabled digital products
  • Immersive interactive experiences
  • AR wearables interface design
  • Spatial experience design concepts
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Robotics & Autonomy

From autonomous farming to robotic assistance, we’re already helping client’s rethink how the world co-pilots with these new companions in the era to come.

  • HMI for robotic and autonomous products
  • Companion and field-based apps
  • Analytics and monitoring platforms
  • Physical and experience product design
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Health & Wellness

We have deep experience in the med-tech, digital fitness, and pharmaceutical sectors with a history of launching apps, services, and platforms that help people feel better and business do better.

  • Med-tech physical & digital products
  • Beyond-the-pill digital product innovation
  • Health and wellness wearable product and ecosystem design
  • Disruptive brand and product design
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Financial Services

The ZeroSixty team have led design across a spectrum of disruptive mobile banking startups and driven design transformation of some of the largest brands and tech giants.

  • New & challenger banking brand design
  • Bank & FS app design and design systems
  • Internal applications and data-driven platform design
  • Service optimisation & re-imagination
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Media & Entertainment

Streaming brands, content platforms, video game UI, and OTT services. We’ve delivered category leading entertainment, telecom products, and experiences across the globe.

  • Streaming platform and products
  • Super apps and OTT concepts and designs
  • Next-gen immersive entertainment and gaming experiences
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